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If you want to suggest new wallpapers to our collection, please contact us and send the wallpaper, wallpaper name or category name and we’ll upload your suggested wallpapers shortly on our website. We really appreciate your suggestion and contribution!

We respect all the artists/authors and their work, we try our best to give proper credit to an artist/author by providing their name and their original picture source (websites, social media platforms…etc), but sometimes we can’t find the real artist/author of an image, so if you found any image on our website that belongs to you or any other artist/author you know, please contact us with below details and we’ll add the artist/author details to their wallpaper/image.

1. ID (example: #000) of the Wallpaper in which you want to Add Author
2. Artist/Author Name
3. Artist/Author Picture Source

All images remain property of their original owners. If you found any image copyrighted to yours and you want us to remove that image from our website, please contact us with below details and the image will be removed in a very timely manner. We have no intention of violating anyone’s copyright, and take the matter very seriously.

1. Identify your work on FHDWallpapers [Wallpaper ID : (example: #000)]
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